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Wedding cameras - Digital Vs Disposable

Posted by Neil Lakes on

If you are married you will probably know that your wedding was one of the most memorable days of your life, and if you are looking to get married remember; your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

That said, one of the must haves at any wedding is to ensure that it can be captured and you are able to look back on that special day whenever you like.

As well as your usual photographer it is a great idea to have a few cameras dotted around your tables for guests to take photos of their own, which will give you a different view of your wedding day. So which cameras should you choose?

Take a Pic explores the options:



Disposable cameras are the traditional way to go. The cameras are easy to use, simply click to take a photo and scroll for the next one. Best package available:

Disposable cameras wedding pack

Contains 10 plain disposable cameras with 18 photos per camera


The main limitation if you choose disposable cameras is the small amount of photos that can be taken and also the worry of whether they will develop ok. There is a fair cost to film development too which includes 6x4 prints with an option of digitised images on CD.




Very simple to use Limited to small number of photos
No worries about damage No image adjustment
No Zoom lens
Expensive development costs
Varied image quality



Compact Digital

Digital cameras provide a modern way of capturing photos throughout your day. The best and cheapest way is to hire them. Best package available:

Take a pic standard camera hire

A select number of cameras with up to 1000 photos per camera






Easy to use auto mode Requires looking after
Can take 1000’s of photos May require a security deposit
Instantly review photos
No development costs
Digital photos for media sharing
Consistent image quality
  • Variable image adjustments
  • Includes zoom lens
    Image scene selection
    Can shoot video footage


    The easiest digital camera to use with auto mode provides a simple alternative to disposable cameras. The main benefit of this solution is the amount of quality images which can be taken, depending on the size of memory cards supplied.




    Disposable Cameras

    Digital Cameras

    Camera Pack £39.99 Camera Hire £120.00
    Delivery £4.45 Delivery £ FREE
    Film Development £4.99 per camera Photo Transfer £ FREE
    Total £94.39 Total £120.00




    There is a clear difference in what you get from digital cameras to what you can’t get with disposable, with the main difference being the sheer number of images. With better quality images too and the ability to capture videos makes the extra cost that much easier to find.

    Plus if you require something different there is a range of camera hire packages available to suit your fancy. Packages from Take a Pic

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