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How should you capture your day?

Posted by Neil Lakes on

Hire digital cameras to spread around your wedding tables and let your guests take the
mantle and start capturing things that they think you will like to remember; and the moments you may not!


There’s no doubting that you need a photographer on your wedding day, to snap every angle of that dress that took 6 months to pick out, or to show you off in front of that wedding car that you arrived in. A good photographer will be able to tell the story of your wedding through their well taken photos and provide a crystal clear view of your day in a tidy wedding album. This is the stage show, the main feature, but what about the audience and the back stage workings of your wedding?



This is where your guests come in and take over the reins and become photographers in themselves. It will come as a surprise as to how much of your day you will miss by having to mingle with the relatives you only see on very special occasions. You may also want to think about hiring video equipment, to further remember what happened on your wedding day, and to make sure that you can give your future children the laugh they deserve by showing them your first dance.

With Take a Pic the choice is yours…

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