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How it works

Hiring a range of cameras from Take a Pic couldn't be easier using our 5 step process:


Order Online Order a package today, select the number of cameras you require, your hire duration and your delivery date. Complete your order using your preferred payment method.
  Receive your package through Special Delivery Your package will arrive at your selected address on or before your delivery date by a special delivery service. All you need to do is make sure someone is available to receive it or arrange redelivery if necessary.
  Start Capturing

Once you have received the equipment you can start capturing straight away. If you are hiring for an event such as a wedding or celebration; make sure you take them with you.

Perhaps spread them out around the tables or give a few to friends and family to use.

  Return the equipment using pre-paid packaging

After your event, collect the equipment back into the protective case, place it in the pre-paid returns packaging provided and drop off at your local post office before your return date.

 Your Media Wait for your media

The data will be transferred onto a USB memory stick and returned to you within 14 days.

Provided there are no missing or damaged items your security deposit will be refunded within 7 days.


Security Deposit

Our deposit scheme provides protection for both you and us against loss and damages of any equipment. You pay between £100 and £300 as a security deposit and on safe return of the equipment, provided there are no missing or damaged items, it is refunded.